Who we are

enzimi per aziende tessili e conciarie

Roberto Corbella

Clerici Biochimica srl ​​is a private Italian company founded in 1995 by Dr. Roberto Corbella together with the Clerici-Sacco Group of Cadorago, world leader in the production of animal rennet, after having collaborated since 1974 with Novo Nordisk (now Novozymes) as CEO of the Italian branch. which he himself founded in 1979.

The Clerici-Sacco Group, however, in 1997 had divested its shareholding in Clerici Biochimica which Dr. Corbella took over entirely while continuing the business.

Our company was born to provide the Italian and European market with technical-commercial assistance for:

frutta In 1997 and up to 2006, Clerici Biochimica was the exclusive distributor of Dr. Marcus, leader in the production of natural food colors and of Melchers, manufacturer of natural food flavorings.
Both of these companies, however, were acquired in 2006 by Sensient, which already owned its distribution network in Italy, so the relationships had to be concluded, after Dr. Corbella was asked to contribute to the reorganization of their Cadè facilities.

From 1996 to 2013, Dr. Corbella collaborated, through a particular agency agreement, with Genencor, now DuPont, world leader in the production of enzymes, in the position of Sales Manager for the textile and tanning sector throughout Europe (including Turkey), quintupling the turnover.

From 2002 to 2005, Clerici Biochimica was the Branch Office of Molda, with the exclusive distribution in Italy of its freeze-dried products, used in the food sector.

Since 2013, after the termination of the contract with DuPont, it has continued to serve its customers with enzymes for the textile and tanning sector, collaborating with several manufacturers.

Since 2019, Clerici Biochimica has been DSM's exclusive consultant for enzymes used in biogas production.

Since 2020, the collaboration with BIOKATAL of Barcelona has been consolidated for the sale of enzymes, beside Italy, in Germany, Switzerland, Greece and Turkey, especially in the Cleaning, Leather and textile sector.

enzimi per aziende tessili e conciarie